The Virtual Reality Medical Center and TeKONTROL Hosted Ribbon Cutting of Downtown Orlando Facility

March 20, 2008

Virtual Reality Medical Center (VRMC) and TeKONTROL (TKI), an Orlando-based engineering, logistics, information technology and management support company, hosted the grand opening of VRMC’s downtown Orlando, Florida research, development, and manufacturing facility on March 20, 2008, at 711 West Amelia Street in Orlando, Florida.

“As the first high-tech facility in this district, VRMC and TKI, are playing an active role in the area’s rejuvenation,” said Tom Kornegay, TeKONTROL Chairman and CEO. “We are proud that this facility will develop and produce specialized devices for emergency medical training for both military and civilian health specialists,” he added. These devices currently consist of wearable “part-task trainers” that not only simulate injuries but allow emergency medical personnel to practice common medical procedures. “This effort capitalizes on the growing nexus between Orlando’s medical and biomedical development and the region’s strengths in simulation and related technologies,” said Mark Wiederhold, VRMC President. This is the first research and development facility in the Parramore District and was founded entirely by private dollars.

Congresswoman Corrine Brown, delivered the keynote address and was instrumental in the funding initiative that made the advanced technology, research and development program possible.  By focusing on issues that are critical to economic development and the U.S. military, the Congresswoman has helped bring jobs and opportunities to towns and cities throughout the Third District. Several demonstrations were available for guests to better appreciate the technological capabilities resident in the facility. 

VRMC brings leading-edge development work with computer-generated simulations and other special effects to treat mental-health disorders, aid physical and mental rehabilitation, and train healthcare providers. A major aspect of the Orlando laboratory effort is to identify, create, and successfully utilize new materials that will simulate many important realistic qualities of human tissue. TKI a Minority / Veteran owned small business, is a world leader in providing advanced trauma training to military personnel and will support integration of this new technology into existing military curriculums.