DARPA Cultural Influences on Virtual Reality Environment Response Behavior

Virtual environments offer a number of important and interesting situations that provide opportunities to explore an individual’s identity, personal likes and dislikes, and reaction to specific stimuli. When these scenarios are combined with real-time physiological monitoring, a totally controlled environment allows accurate responses to specific images and situations to be determined.

The purpose of this DARPA program was to explore and measure how culture influences responses to virtual environments. We used our clinical approach, which combines both subjective and objective measures to determine individual patterns of behavior. By modifying the virtual environment, we can determine which aspects of those environments offer tools for the exploration of personal characteristics that could be important to the military and intelligence community. In addition, we have developed a model that may be useful for the detection of deception in those individuals who do not respond to conventional methods used by law enforcement.

To further its reputation as a national-security company, VRMC joined the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), and is listed in the 2006 NDIA Corporate Index of Capabilities.

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