Day 2 Presentations

BlindAid: A Virtual Exploration Tool for People Who Are Blind
Virtual Iraq: Design, Development and Initial Data from a VR PTSD Exposure Therapy Application
Combat Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Report Employing Virtual Reality Graded Exposure Therapy with Physiological Monitoring (VRGET)
The Influence of mTBI on Autonomic Dysregulation in Combat Veterans with PTSD
Virtual Reality Exposure: Efficacious Treatment for Combat PTSD?
Technostress: A Research About Computer Self-Efficacy, Internet Attitudes and Computer Anxiety
What Would Influence Mental Health Professionals Working in Native / First Nations Reserves to Refer Their Patient to Telepsychotherapy Services?
How Ethically Are We Practicing? An Exploration of Liability Issues in Online Mental Health Services
Italian Bloggers’ Stories: Their Personalities and Interpersonal Relationships Quality