“Panic and Anxiety Disorder:
121 Tips, Real-life Advice, Resources, & More!”

By Linda Manassee Buell, MCC

Forward by Brenda, K. Wiederhold, Ph.D., MBA, BCIA

Linda Manassee Buell has compiled over eight years of intense personal experience and continuing therapeutic knowledge about panic disorder and agoraphobia in this remarkably concise and handy new book, “Panic and Anxiety Disorder: 121 Tips, Real-life Advice, Resources & More.” Highly empowering while realistically powerful, this collection of valuable insights wonderfully imparts the encouraging messages that “you are not alone” and that “this disorder is treatable.” Written from the perspective of a panic sufferer’s own special world, this unique book is a welcome addition in understanding and helping in the search for sensible concepts and realistic goals for those