RDECOM Injury Creation Science for Severe Trauma Training

To supply more realistic military medical training, The Virtual Reality Medical Center (VRMC) developed initial technology for the Injury Creation Science (ICS) prototype, which very realistically simulated a number of battlefield injuries such as amputations, eviscerations, blast injuries, penetrations and burns. This contract will further develop this technology into wearable “part-task trainers” that not only simulate injuries but allow combat medics to practice actual medical procedures common to the battlefield. We will begin by manufacturing simulated wounds and a portable, specialized wound creation kit for military medical training. A unique feature of the kits will be the inclusion of both materials and devices for injury simulation (special effects blood; tubing) and the medical supplies (bandages, tourniquet, etc.) necessary to treat them.

In Phase I, we will 1) investigate new materials and special effects techniques for better simulation of trauma/wounds, 2) refine our training and testing protocols based on the upgraded part trainers, and 3) validate beta versions of the new devices as effectiveness training tools.

In Phase IIwe will increase the devices’ ruggedness and troubleshoot all issues that arise during the Phase I prototype testing. Using much more complex material science, we will add the dynamic injury aspect to the prototype and enhance look and feel through the addition of simulated fat, muscle, and anatomical structures. These simulations will  accurately model wounds from a clinical standpoint and simulate physiological changes that occur during trauma. In addition, the products will fulfill requirements for testing on human actors, patient simulators, and stand-alone devices.

Pursuant to its work on this contract and others, in 2007 VRMC joined the Advanced Initiatives in Medical Simulation (AIMS) Industry Council.

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