TATRC Combat Medic Training Using Virtual Reality Video Games

The purpose of the VR video game (VRVG) is to provide an inexpensive training tool that will allow medics to experience situations outside of their everyday training. The game will test the medics’ knowledge of medicine, combat training skills, and ability to function under the pressure of a battlefield situation. The VRVG will contain virtual scenarios of terrain the medics are not able to experience in the current real-world training. The game will also allow medics to learn from their mistakes and repeat scenarios until they successfully complete the task—all while saving the military money on training tools.

This program is being considered for implementation at the U.S. Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Center & School at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

In September 2006, VRMC received word that staff of the Office of the Army Surgeon General had made a preliminary decision to show the VRMC VR Medic Trainer prototype as part of the AMEDD recruiting van.

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