Website Development – Part Time (Non-paid Internships only available at present)


  • 2+ years of web design experience with an emphasis on creative, visual, and interaction design
  • BA/BS or equivalent in Graphic Design, Information Technology, Computer Science or related field preferred
  • Proven strong skills in programming, web site design  and web application development
  • Experienced with WordPress (most important) Perl, CGI, UNIX, MYSQL and DREAMWEAVER
  • Strong computer skills and demonstrated expertise in Adobe
    Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Capacity to learn new technologies and programming languages quickly
  • Ability to develop web recommendations and solutions
  • Ability to interact effectively at all levels


  • Responsible for company’s website management, continued development and coordination of changes to web sites
  • Play a key role in ensuring that web sites become effective marketing, business development, training and knowledge transfer media
  • Maintain and configure internet domain names
  • Create deployment-quality mocks and prototypes on tight timelines
  • Maintain web and email server
  • Design, develop, and maintain new websites dedicated to technology and healthcare, including conference websites
  • Assist and communicate with web designers
  • Other duties as assigned


Lilas Ros
6540 Lusk Boulevard, Suite C115
San Diego, CA 92121
Primary Phone: (858) 642-0267